Gambling is one of the favorite pastimes in Canada and considered as an entertainment activity. The gambling laws are a bit complicated to understand but overall Canada has tried to give the citizen a choice whether they wish to gamble.

Canadian Gambling Laws:

Several land-based gambling and internet gambling have been legalized in Canada by the Government but still, some laws related to casinos gaming services are unclear. Local companies are not allowed to run online casinos but the pun here is that Kahnawake native reserve which hosts most of the offshore gambling site servers is located within the territory of the country. Other trusted off-shore companies like UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gambling Authority support online casinos in CA. read more

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Planning to play an online live casino for the very first time? Confused if it is safe to play or not? If yes, you are at the right place.

Beginners often get occupied with several types of questions that, if remain unanswered, keep disrupting the online casino experience of the player. As a result of this, some players get dissatisfied with the type of experience they receive, while some players don’t even try to play any of the games.

Hence, if you too have several questions in mind, scroll down to find the popular FAQs that will help you clear all your doubts about the game. read more

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